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Flying Far? Heathrow Airport Recommends You Do a Little 'Strategic Napping'

July 19, 2012 at 2:02 PM | by | ()

Earlier this week, London-Heathrow Airport let us in on a few secrets of what'll be going down within their terminals during the upcoming Olympics. We're talking javelins and firearms in checked baggage and 1,000 local volunteers just to show people to right way off their planes.

Today, Heathrow has some direct advice for all of you about to board a long-haul flight, whether it's over to them for the Games, or elsewhere, for vacation or work. Taking health hints from the Olympics, Heathrow devised a plan for beating jet lag as well as generally staying healthy during longer periods of travel.

View all the detail in the photo gallery above, as well in the complete infographic below. There'll all great tips, but we especially support the concept of "strategic napping." Perhaps we should try that out right now...

** Click the infographic below for a much larger version

[Images: Heathrow Airport]

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