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What to Buy Before and During Your Low-Priced Scoot Flight

Where: Singapore
July 16, 2012 at 12:42 PM | by | ()

When Singapore's newest little budget carrier, Scoot, announced their inaugural fares of $88 AUD each way for flights to and from Australia, naturally, we jumped at the chance to snag a deal. We went through the booking motions and even purchased a FlyBag special where we received about 15kg of checked bag allowance and the ability to choose our seat to Singapore.

As we are traveling soon, it's time to confirm all details. Upon our visit to the Scoot website, we see a new addition has been added to options—Manage Your Booking.

From the itinerary management page, travelers can now pre-purchase a hot meal combo, rent an iPad loaded with entertainment for the flight or pre-pay for tipping the baggage scales. We were in LCC airline heaven!

Firstly, we picked where we would sit. Since there are just two of us traveling we opted for the Super Seat for an additional $24 each. These super seats have 35 inches of legroom and are located in the rear of the cabin, where only 2 seats will fit in a side row. Score!

Then we moved onto the meals. After looking at the elaborate in-flight menu, we noticed a little deal. If we pre-purchased our hot meal combo, we would save $4 per combo. Double score! We chose the Soya Sauce Chicken with a soft drink and a fruit cup for $13. Since it's an 8 hour flight, we're going to get a little peckish!

We opted against even more baggage since we plan to shop until we drop in Singapore. Our return ticket is in a $288 business class seat that includes enough baggage to fill some suitcases. We also decided to bring our own iPad and save the $17 even though it's a fairly reasonable price. Finally, our flight from Australia (OOL) is a daytime flight, therefore we wont need the $15 Blanket/Pillow/Eye Mask combo.

All of this pre-planning has really got us excited to board the bright yellow bird in August. Of course, we will bring your every detail after the flight, so keep an eye out for the review with loads of photos.

[Photo: Scoot]

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