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To Taipei! The Latest on Singapore's Cheapie Airline, Scoot

Where: Singapore
July 10, 2012 at 10:00 AM | by | ()

The fine people at Asia's newest airline, Scoot, have been working hard to start a new airline and expand their network. After a launch that involved enough fanfare to fuel their planes, the airline has been bringing their yellow birds back and forth from Singapore to Sydney and the Gold Coast in Australia. After adding Bangkok and Tianjin, Scoot has now added Taipei, Taiwan to their list of destinations.

Starting September 18th, happy little Scooters can scoot off from Singapore to Taipei. And if you want to fly further than Taiwan, eventually you can follow that plane to Tokyo. After a brief stop to drop off and pick up passengers, the plan is to send the plane right on to the Japanese capital. Right now, bookings are not being taken for Tokyo.

If all of these destinations are getting a little confusing, here is the run down with general costs each way:

· Singapore to Sydney - $158 SGD
· Singapore to Gold Coast - $158 SGD
· Singapore to Bangkok - $78 SGD
· Singapore to Tianjin - $188 SGD
· Singapore to Taipei - $88, Fly — basic economy, $248 — ScootBiz

You may think that the decision makers have their hands full with all these destination and promotions. Well, they don't. In an attempt to promote the name, the airline is giving away an entire year of Scoot flying if the Facebook page gets 188,888 fans. So hop on over to the page, click like and go in the running for some free flights.

[Photo: Scoot]

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