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Emirates, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines and More Make New Routes

June 8, 2012 at 9:55 AM | by | ()

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of all the new route announcements that come our way, so we’ve complied a little bit of a rundown below. As long as you can afford the fares, this should definitely help add to your passport stamp collection.

· JetBlue:
The warmer weather means more than just thunderstorm delays and crowded terminals and planes, as it’s also time to initiate seasonal service. JetBlue has already allocated some planes out to Long Beach, California, as the warm weather flights up and over to Anchorage, Alaska have returned.

It’s a pretty long flight—considering that you’re still in the same country—but the free snacks and personal video screens should make it a little more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking to depart from the cruise terminal or finally take that bromantic fly fishing trip, we’re thinking that JetBlue will get you there on time and will keep you entertained.

· Emirates:
There’s no stopping Emirates when it comes to their expansion around the globe. This week they’re busy updating their route map with another new city pair, as it looks like the plan is to connect Dubai with Ho Chi Minh City.

The flights to Vietnam started up earlier this week, and this brings Emirates running total up to a 124 different destinations in 74 different countries. All the flying fun is done thanks to a little help from the carrier’s Airbus A330-200s, and there will be plenty of comfy options up front in business class and a little less comfort in the back with 251 economy class seats.

· Alaska Airlines:
San Antonio—jump on it—as it’s time for Alaska Airlines to touch down in your city for the very first time<. The eskimo-tailed carrier seems to have been focusing plenty of attention on Hawaii lately, but this week it sounds like they’re ready to focus on the landlocked states. The plan is to link the Texas city with Seattle each and every day of the week beginning on September 17. Boeing 737-800s will do the flying between the two cities, and frequent flyers can even score double miles on the new flights through the end of October—just be sure to register before scanning your boarding pass.

· American Airlines:
For a number of reasons American Airlines decided to pull the plug on their nonstop flights between New York and Tokyo’s more convenient airport—Haneda. The flights are now back on the schedule, as the pilots and the planes returned to the skies earlier this week. There’s room for about 247 passengers aboard the airline’s Boeing 777-200ER aircraft, and there’s three flavors of seating options from which to choose—first, business, and coach. The flights leave the Big Apple daily around 7pm local time and are scheduled to arrive over in Japan around 10pm local time on the following day.

· United Airlines:
They’re busy with their planes and plans over in Denver, as United has a couple new routes coming to one of their hubs. Beginning later this year there will be two new nonstop options out of Denver—and to Denver—from both Shreveport, Louisiana and Grand Forks, North Dakota. Get ready for some of those super comfortable and super cramped 50-seat regional jets if you’re planning to take either of these new routes for a spin. The flights to and from North Dakota will run a couple times per day, and the Louisiana flights will do their thing just once daily. These connections to the Mile High City should serve those well who now will need just one connection to arrive at of United's many final destinations.

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