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Why Yes, This Donut is Shaped Like an Airplane

June 8, 2012 at 3:41 PM | by | ()

"Put a bird on it!" That may be the most famous quote from the popular IFC series "Portlandia," but it's also Virgin America's goal—to put one of their birds on a Portland route. Today, that bird flies SFO-PDX for the first time and we're on board.

Let's start out by saying that Virgin America knows how to throw a launch party. They do it often enough that it's now a finely crafted work of party art. For this week's first landing in Portland, the theme was "local": local libations, local entertainment and local celebrities.

Just steps after disembarking the A320 named "Mt. Hoodie," the planeload of first flyers was greeted with a glass of champagne (not cheap stuff, either) and a red carpet, where "Portlandia" mayor Kyle MacLachlan gave a speech in character. It was hilarious and he made sure to let us know that even though his preferred method of travel is bicycle, he was still excited about Virgin America's entry into the city.

Meanwhile, in the airplane hangar hosting the festivities, passengers got spray-on tattoos (airplane themed, of course), tried their hand at DJing with AndrewAndrew, or ate as many specially sprinkled Voodoo Donuts as they desired. Speaking of donuts, we somehow resisted the smorgasbord and only ate one. Sure, it had BACON on it, but still, just one.

As the party wound down we finally made our way over to the bar and pointed to a beer with (what we thought was) the coolest label. The bartender frowned a bit and said, "you must not be local." He then educated us on the fantastic Portland-based breweries and made sure we got a beer that would be right for us: Deschutes Brewery's Inversion IPA.

To remember the moment for ever and ever, they even rolled down a photo backdrop, put several "Portlandia"-themed props out, and snapped photos of those who were well into their second donut and third champagne.

Though the hangar party and the airplane-shaped Voodoo Donut were one-time-only specials for the inaugural flight, you can still catch a red bird to PDX from $99 each way between SFO and PDX. Between LA, San Diego and Las Vegas will cost ya a bit more, but the sale is on through June 11!

Disclosure: We're traveling as a guest of Virgin America, but rest assured that all images and opinions are completely and utterly our own.

[Photos: Andy Miles for Jaunted]

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