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Hello from 32,000 Feet, Onboard Virgin America's First Flight to Portland, Oregon

June 5, 2012 at 6:07 PM | by | ()

"Put a bird on it!" That may be the most famous quote from the popular IFC series "Portlandia," but it's also Virgin America's goal—to put one of their birds on a Portland route. Today, that bird flies SFO-PDX for the first time and we're on board.

LIVE from 32,000' above Northern California:

We are officially airborne and on our way to Portland! The pre-departure festivities at San Francisco's snazzy Terminal 2 were complete with cookies and celebratory remarks by Virgin America CEO David Cush and "Portlandia" mayor's assistant/real Portland mayor, Sam Adams. Kyle MacLachlan, who plays the mayor in "Portlandia," is here as well, so really we just need to have shell art kits in the seatback pockets and all will be ideal.

So far on the flight (which departed on time), we've watched an episode of "Portlandia," thrown back a few cocktails and written this out to you. Oh, and we're also very confident that we'll have all the right answers for the upcoming in-flight trivia contest.

Alas, the mood on board is jovial and no one seems bothered by the fact that it's raining and 54 degrees in Portland. As if a water cannon welcome on the tarmac won't be enough, the heavens themselves will participate in the route's christening.

The flight is only two hours, but we'll continue to bring you lots of great coverage of the in-flight goings on via our Twitter and Instagram (follow "Jaunted"). Later on? Oh, there's just a freaking party in a hangar!

Disclosure: We're traveling as a guest of Virgin America, but rest assured that all images and opinions are completely and utterly our own.

[Photos: Andy Miles for Jaunted]

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