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Inside SIA Centre, the Training Headquarters of Singapore Airlines

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You buy the tickets, you fly on the planes, you take your free baggie of peanuts from the flight attendants...but chances are you'll never get to see inside the headquarters of that airline you're flying. And yet it's there where the magic really happens.

We've been very fortunate to tour the HQs of several airlines, but none with its own Wine Room or wave machine. Welcome to SIA Centre, the training HQ of Singapore Airlines near Changi International Airport in Singapore.

Through the gates and into an atrium decorated with the crew uniforms and ephemera of the airline's long history, we reach the heart of SIA. This is where 6,000 crew comes to earn their wings and where each piece of the brand bearing the Singapore Airlines logo—from First Class china to seatback safety cards—is treated with the reverence of a museum exhibit.

The SIA Training Centre, by the numbers:

· 3.5 months.
Walking the aisles of the SIA Centre near Singapore-Changi International Airport, it becomes quite apparent that this is a school. Girls and guys of excellent posture walk from classrooms to mock fuselages for practices of in-flight service, or even onboard meal plating. The girls are fully made up, with the SIA recommended makeup and hairstyles, though they haven't yet earned their kebayas (traditional batik outfit that is the SIA uniform). They are required to train for 3.5 months, longer than any other airline, and are even taught how to properly walk down the aisles of an aircraft (it's a silent glide).

· 60 people.
SIA's water evacuation practice pool is 3 meters deep and has the ability to simulate wave conditions to make the experience as realistic and challenging as possible (on a scale of 1-10, we saw 3-level waves). Though the 6,000 crew must retrain here every year, take heart in the knowledge that Singapore Airlines has never once had a water ditching and a good 60 people can fit in one of the 25' rafts. Need more reassurance? Airbus conducted a test evacuation of 555 passengers onboard an A380 and managed to get everybody out in 78 seconds. Lickety-split, that is.

· 80 sommeliers.
There is a door at the SIA Centre that remained closed to us. That door was labeled "Wine Room." It just wasn't part of our tour, but for SIA's 80 trained sommeliers, it's a center of continued learning. Whenever the menus change, this is where they come to get acquainted with the new vintages, and where all flight crew must learn to "explain the characteristics and what makes each wine different." Pro tip: Look for a bunch of grapes pin on the lapel of the crew to distinguish the sommelier on your flight.

The water evacuation practice pool.

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Disclosure: Access was as a guest of Singapore Airlines. Regardless, all photos and opinions presented are utterly and completely our very own.

[Photos: Cynthia Drescher for Jaunted]

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