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Air Canada's New Cheapie Airline May Fly from Vancouver Next Year

Where: Canada
June 20, 2012 at 9:41 AM | by | ()

When it comes to low-cost carriers it seems that everybody and their brother is looking to cash in on the low fare and low frills craze. We heard that Air Canada was discussing this idea up in their corporate boardroom, but now there’s a little bit more information about what they’re thinking to do and where they're doing it.

Air Canada has their eyes on Asia, and if all goes according to plan they’ll be connecting plenty of Canadians to the East while saving them plenty of Loonies. It sounds like the base of the new airline could be in Vancouver, which kind of makes sense, as the city is a whole lot closer to spots in Japan and China than Montreal or Toronto.

The tentative plans call for new crews, so they’ll probably be plenty of opportunities to score a paycheck with the airline. It won’t just be Air Canada pilots and crew shifting uniforms from one carrier to another.

If all goes well, the cheap carrier could be flying around as soon as 2013, but there’s one thing that Air Canada still needs to do—find a partner with deep pockets. The airline is still busy looking to bring in a financial backer of some sort, so that they don’t have to front all the cash—and the risk—when it comes to the new venture. They’re still working to deal with the pilots union and other labor issues, but it does sound full speed ahead towards a new LCC once 2013 rolls around.

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