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Guess the Airport Lounge with a Self-Serve Hot Dog Cart

Where: Australia
June 20, 2012 at 11:12 AM | by | ()

We've heard it all before: It's great to travel, but it's even greater to come home. And while we find half of this true, it is nice to get a little slice of home while exploring abroad.

On a recent international trip, we swaggered into the international business class of a partner airline we were flying and one very bright thing caught our eye. It was an authentic hot dog cart...the ones we would see in the zoo or parks back home.

Care to have a guess where this hot dog cart was? We will surely give you a few guesses: we were taking advantage of lounge access for an airline which was not in the country out of which we were departing. Confusing enough?

While we were excited for the American mustard and the hot dogs floating in hot water, we were less impressed with the grilled onions and shredded cheese. Our version of the dog doesn't have these novelties. But the STAR of the show was the slightly steamed buns, replenished often.

Give up? We found this little gem at Air New Zealand's Koru Lounge in the international terminal in Sydney. It makes us believe even more that the world is a small place!

[Photo: Rayme Gorniak for Jaunted]

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Last time I was in SYD there was a hot dog cart in the *Alliance lounge.