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Air New Zealand Considers Letting Other Airlines in on the SkyCouch Love

June 18, 2012 at 9:54 AM | by | ()

You know we’ve been all about Air New Zealand and their Skycouch seats ever since we first heard of the idea, but now the airline may share their beloved glorified economy seats with friends.

Just in case you missed it, the seats are basically coach seats with the middle blocked out. Then at cruising altitude the three seats transform into a couch of sorts, where you and your traveling companion can snuggle up for the long-haul flight over the Pacific. It seems that these seats are catching on, and they might just make their way over to other airlines as well.

Apparently the airline has already been chatting with like 12 other airlines about the ability to license the Air New Zealand invention. Airline officials seem to have no problem doing so, but they are pretty honest when they state that they’re looking for quite a bit of cash for them to share their clever idea. Sounds like—if all goes well—t might be around the end of the year when we start to hear about the snuggle-seats being offered up elsewhere.

This kind of confirms that "Comfort Class" is successful enough to spread. Thus, it’s likely that Air New Zealand will start adding even more of these options to their own fleet. They’ve had success selling these way quicker than traditional seats, and of course they go for a premium. We’ll keep you posted about when other carriers get in-flight couches, but for now remember that it’s only Air New Zealand where you can loose your in-flight entertainment remote under the couch cushions.

[Photo: Eric Rosen For Jaunted]

Archived Comments:

Comfort class? Yes please!

This looks deluxe! I'd love to travel in comfort class - especially if I'm on a trip as long as from the states to New Zealand - or the other way home... I sure hope it catches on :)