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Three Summer Travel Essentials to Score Before the Solstice

June 18, 2012 at 1:47 PM | by | ()

Plan to take an extra long lunch this Wednesday, as it's more than just a hump day, but the longest day of the year. June 20 at 7:09pm EST marks the Summer Solstice, when the sun stays up longest and hits the northern hemisphere at the most direct angle, from directly above the Tropic of Cancer. While south of the equator endure their shortest day of the year, we'll be staying out late with mid-week backyard BBQs and a second bottle of that summer brew.

While there's no special celestial events to watch out for at night, aside from noting how high the sun appears during the day, the weather is supposed to be warm enough and clear enough to take out the telescope and spot some constellations.

On the travel front, the first official day of summer means it's time to outfit yourself with what we usually consider the three most important accessories to always have on ya In hot temps:

· A stick of SPF sunblock: No, we're not talking about toting around a tube of greasy cream that you must then embarrassingly rub on your arms and face while out for a walk or alfresco lunch. Get thee to a drugstore and check out their sunscreeen section; Duane Reades in NYC sell a small stick (looks like a doublewide chapstick) of SPF 30 sunscreen, or just check out all these sunblock sticks on Drugstore.com. Just give your skin a quick swipe and you're good to go.

· Sunglasses that make you think "ooh, I look good." The best coolest sunglasses we own cost $5 and were an impulse buy on a day we felt especially awesome. Now they're a permanent fixture in our bag as well as on our face. If you haven't updated your sunglasses in the last two years, it's time. They don't need to be expensive, but do think forward in terms of design. Think classic Persol frame shapes or anything new from Warby Parker.

· Wet wipes. They're not just for children. We started carrying tiny packs of wet wipes in Thailand, when the humidity forced us to do wipe-downs when entering any respectable establishment. Now we can't live without them. Wet wipes come to the rescue during sweaty times, smelly times and unexpected food truck mealtimes. Also if you've applied some of the sunblock stick stuff and want to quickly clean it off.

[Photos: Drugstore.com and Park & Bond]

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