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Megabus Brings Its Cheap Bus Thing to Houston, Dallas and Beyond

June 13, 2012 at 8:57 AM | by | ()

If summer travel costs are bumming you out—don’t worry—as Megabus is here to save you from the dreaded staycation. The ultra low cost carrier bus line is expanding once again, and this time it looks like they’re slowing taking over the Lone Star State. Their newest cities and newest routes are scheduled to arrive in Texas later this month, and of course there will be plenty of fares for just $1.

Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are now well established on the bus route map, and from these cities you should be able to sit back and relax on your way to spots like Austin, Memphis, Little Rock, New Orleans, and Norman—that last one's in Oklahoma. The new options are set to hit the highway as soon as June 19, so be sure to start searching for those $1 fares sooner than later.

You’re on your own with in-bus entertainment, but plenty of power outlets and complimentary WiFi should keep you somewhat busy. Just be sure to brush up on your bus travel etiquette—and our survival guide—and you should be good to go when it comes to your summer vacation riding the bus in Texas and beyond.

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I suspect that this bus company will be gone in a couple of years. Greyhound has a much better business model.   

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