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Sydney Gets Lit!

June 1, 2012 at 7:03 PM | by | ()

Is that someone sleeping on the Opera House?

Paris might be shaking in their boots with the newest installation art project that has Sydney lighting up like a Christmas tree. Currently artists are testing their light manipulating skills with projects all around the city as part of Vivid Sydney, as the city once again proves itself a playground for experimental art.

Using various buildings around the city, creatives will shine lights to morph the building into a museum gallery. The show is in its 4th year, with attendance and visitors increasing exponentially. The iconic Sydney Opera House is of course a major focus of the installation, as light and artwork are projected onto the famous architectural sails. Each night at 6pm, the Opera House and other buildings will flip the switch to shine. There are even purpose built structures like igloos made from gas cans lit from the inside.

Now you're thinking that surely this whole event is overloading the power grid. Not to worry, the entire show is carbon neutral and doesn't impact the planet. Free from energy worries, Vivid Sydney can encourage the viewing public to think a bit more creatively when it comes to conservation.

The event ends June 11, but it'll return next year.

Using the harbor as a canvas
Customs House - Vivid Sydney 2011

[Photos: Vivid Sydney]

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