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Five Zoos for Visiting Baby Giraffes

May 9, 2012 at 3:45 PM | by | ()

And now a post about places in the United States, Europe, and Asia where you can visit baby giraffes. So zoos, parks, etc. Note also that we've embedded a couple of especially cute videos at the bottom, because baby giraffes.

Florida's Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay is at the top of the list, with a new baby born last December and then another one born in February. That's two baby giraffes, which you can see on one ticket. Very straightforward.

Shifting overseas, the Prague Zoo also has its own pair of baby giraffes. These two were born within days of each other. We're not going to do much more plugging about why you should go if you're in the area, except to note that the zoo website has a page literally titled "Zoo Full of Baby Animals." Not subtle, but undeniably effective.

Staying abroad. At some point we're going to have to do a longer post on how Israeli zoos are magic (actual conversation with Haifa zookeeper: "umm... I think the lemurs are jumping out of their enclosure"; "no worries, they always come back"). In the meantime you should know that the Zoological Center in Tel Aviv has a baby giraffe named Dolittle who was born last November. Living in that zoo - more of a safari park, really - makes Dolittle part of the largest collection of species in the Middle East. We recommend availing yourself of one of their many tours, and seeing the animals either before the zoo opens or as it's closing.

Back in the United States, the Miami Zoo is now home to a little baby girl giraffe. Apparently she's a bit of "a kicker" so zookeepers have had their hands full, but you can view her from a safe but still photo-friendly distance. Information on the zoo is here, and while you're visiting you can check out the other cute baby things that earned it a spot on our 2011 holiday cute thing list.

And last there's James Marjani, the baby giraffe at the Bronx Zoo. We wrote about him back in October when he was born, and obviously he's older than the other giraffes on this list. But we're including him again so we have an excuse to post the video at the very bottom, which went mini-viral a few weeks ago and shows him futility chasing around a butterfly. It turns out that giraffe babies are kind of adorably stupid.

[Photo: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay via Zooborns]

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Oakland Zoo too!

I saw Maggie back in April. She is too cute. Born in January of this year. http://www.oaklandzoo.org/site/news/press-releases/baby-giraffe-born-at-zoo