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Jump Lines at the Airport with US Airways' New 'PreferredAccess' Fee

May 8, 2012 at 8:50 AM | by | ()

We’re sure we’re not the only ones lusting over the access and convenience that comes with being an elite frequent flyer, but unfortunately it's not all that easy to gain status on more than one airline in one year. Well there’s now a fix for those dreaming of preferred check-in lines and expedited security screening, as US Airways is opening up their premium services to one and all. Unfortunately, it comes with a price.

US Airways' latest money making idea has nothing to do with selling soft drinks up in the air, but it does have everything to do with what they’re calling PreferredAccess. The airline is promising a more convenient airport experience, as you’ll make your way up to preferred ticket counters and the priority security lanes. Once you finally get to the gate there’ll be no need to unnecessarily loiter, as you will now be one of the first to board the plane with Zone 1 access and will likely win the battle of the overhead bin.

Fees and charges depend on how far you’re heading, but it looks like things start at just $10 per person for each leg of the journey. After shelling out the extra cash to make yourself feel like a true airline VIP, don’t let it all go to your head, as US Airways is quick to point out that others—like First Class passengers and Dividend Miles Preferred members—will still get on board before you. Right now the new fees are only available at around roughly 20 of the larger airports around the globe, but the plan is to add another 40 or so by the end of this summer.

To be honest we’re probably going to pass on this one, especially since we usually try to pass on US Airways altogether. However, we’re sure it might be right for someone, so now you know.

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