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Enter American Airlines' Contest for First Class Seats and a Taste of Bublé

May 8, 2012 at 9:22 AM | by | ()

Just a warning before we continue, as you’re going to need to look through the cheesiness if you want to participate in the latest contest from American Airlines. The airline is offering up some swanky flights that will make you feel like a celebrity, and you’ll actually even get to meet one once your VIP experience finally touches down at LAX.

American Airlines is giving you a chance to enjoy their "Five Star Experience," premium service that’s usually only reserved for those with cash to burn. But, if you’re the lucky winner, the one-on-one airport attention will be all yours. You’ll be greeted with car service, a curbside reception, you’ll be escorted to your gate, and of course have access to pretty much any and every Admirals Club lounge on your journey.

The winner will even score his or her very own personal Five Star Service representative, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this also came with a private golf cart trip through the terminal.

Now that you know about the journey, we’ll fill you in on what—or specifically who—will be there waiting for you on arrival. The grand prize includes the chance to meet Michael Bublé at a Los Angeles studio, and maybe he can even sign his latest album—or the back of your iPod. American Airlines is all about promoting their Guaranteed Smoothness, and what better to promote something like that than with the soothing sounds of Bublé?

All in all, winners will get two first class tickets to Los Angeles, the aforementioned Five Star Service, as well as a $2,000 gift card. It sounds like you’re on your own for the hotel, restaurants, and shopping, but we’re thinking that the $2,000 will be a decent start. Just head right over here before June 11, and throw your name into the hat.

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