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The Latest News from Delta Will Nurse That Cinco de Mayo Hangover

May 7, 2012 at 8:34 AM | by | ()

It’s been quite some time since we heard about Delta and their partnership with Avión Tequila, but it sounds like all must be going well as the spirit is headed toward the in-flight beverage cart.

The two companies are hooking up to offer some tasty drinks aboard plenty of Delta flights, and the new beverages made their debut over the weekend. If you flew between JFK and LAX, you may have just been part of a little Cinco de Mayo celebration as flight attendants also passed out some complimentary chips and salsa.

If you’re flying this week however, you'll miss out as it sounds like the planes won’t be loaded up with the new drinks and mixers until later this month. Delta is promising that that the tequila and margaritas will be available on plenty of flights heading around North America, the Caribbean, and Central America for the summer months. We hope they stick around into the fall as well, because we’re pretty sure margaritas are equally tasty no matter what the calendar says.

That’s not the only boozy news either, as it sounds like Delta is also getting ready to up their in-flight beer offerings. Starting this summer they’ll also start pouring some Blue Moon in the cabin, and they’ll even be ready to top off your beverage with a slice of orange. Sure it’s not some fancy pants microbrew, but we would definitely prefer one of those to one of their usual options—we’re looking at you, Miller Lite.

Finally, Ben & Jerry’s will also be making its way back for the summer months after a successful debut in 2011. So before your next flight be sure to bring a few extra bucks—plastic ones only we suspect—for a few in-flight treats and snacks. Happy summer flying!

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