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Mexico Volunteer Travel Now Emphasizing Earthquakes and Tsunami-Preparedness

Where: Mexico
May 7, 2012 at 3:41 PM | by | ()

It goes without saying that Mexico travel has become a bit of a capital-t Thing in the tourism world. For fairly obvious reasons, many travelers have gotten the impression that the country is a Mad Mex dystopia awash with drug lords who fight wars using DIY scrap-metal tanks and submarines.

In response, Mexico's tourism board has waged an aggressive rebranding campaign by dispatching politicians and inventing slogans and leveraging social media and placing stories in media outlets.

Many casual travelers, nonetheless, have remained skeptical. Mexican tourism companies have therefore chosen—quite logically—to target the non-casual travelers. The country is even developing something of a reputation as a volunteer travel destination.

Just a few months ago we told you about an opportunity to help native sea turtles while hanging out in Mexico. Now comes a much more ambitious volunteer program from Voluntrek, which promises to train you into being...a rescue worker.

The Voluntrek organizers have noticed that there are a lot of hippies who volunteer to help people in the aftermath of earthquakes and tsunamis, and also that those hippies don't really know how to help people in the aftermath of earthquakes and tsunamis. And so they're looking for volunteers who "love adventure, extreme activities, travelling and helping others."

If you fit that description, you can head down to Mexico for 18 days of training in "Civil Protection/Defense, Hazards, First Responder Training, Donated Goods Management, Triage and Collapsed Structures." As the program progresses you'll also get to see different parts of Mexico. Program details are here and the application is here.

Before you ask: we're fairly certain that this isn't some kind of on-the-cheap kidnapping/slavery scam, where the traders front-loaded all of their costs into a website, and now they're just waiting for earnest idealistic college students to show up smelling of patchouli. Fairly certain.

[Photo: Voluntrek]

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