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How to Get Hawaii Tickets on Mokulele Airlines for a Crazy $39

May 2, 2012 at 11:06 AM | by | ()

It wasn’t too long ago that we heard about the revamped and relaunched Mokulele Airlines, and it looks like the airline is doing its best to stay in the news. Obviously locals and tourists heading between the different islands of Hawaii can quickly rack up some decent frequent flyer miles—despite the short distances—so the airline has decided to launch its very own loyalty program. However, their new program is focused a little bit more on discounts rather than points.

The airline is introducing flexible fares for senior citizens, and the rates start as low as just $38.80 each way. Grandmas and grandpas do need to be residents of the Aloha State, and the discount fares must be booked within 30 minutes of departure at the airport. We never would have guessed that using the airport check-in counter as a ticket counter would be an option again, but that’s exactly what the WikiWings program is all about.

Aunties—and their male counterparts—do need to be over 65 years of age, but all the reservations under this new program are totally flexible. Even though you’re basically making a last minute reservation to take advantage of the discounted deals, you’re still free to cancel or change your ticket. The only bummer is that the baggage fees still apply.

If you call Hawaii home, maybe this Mother's Day your mother or grandmother should come visit you, but just remember to take her out to a nice meal with all that savings.

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So in order to qualify for this new, low rate, you have to be over 65 as well as be able to wait around the ticketing areas within 30 minutes before the flight takes off to qualify for the $39 rate. So as I understand it, this is essentially a standby rate for local residents in Hawaii who are over 65 years old. Seems like a tough way to qualify for discounts on <a href="http://www.interislandflights.com">Hawaii interisland flights/a>.