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Over 35 Weird Potato Chip Flavors We've Tasted Around the World

May 25, 2012 at 6:05 PM | by | ()

OMG Potato chips. What would Earth be like without them? Surely grocery stores could be built about 15 feet narrower and we'd be a few pounds lighter, but damnit—they are god's gift to snackkind. This fact becomes extremely obvious during travel, when entering a foreign grocery store can throw you for a loop, until there's that trusty chip aisle and all is well in the world again.

What's your favorite potato chip flavor? Think about it for a moment. Now imagine that you were born into a different family, a different country and different culture. Would that still be your favorite flavor? Probably not—the shelves of your local store may hold Chilli Crab, Seaweed and Salmon Teriyaki-flavor chips, instead of Cool Ranch, Salt & Vinegar and Barbeque.

Confession: one of the first things we do after arriving in a new destination is head to the market, to the potato chip section. We're looking for those holy grail flavors, like Unagi Kabayaki and Roast Ox—ones which will never ever make it to America, save for in our luggage. Usually we snap a quick photo of the weirder flavors, but 98% of the time we buy them AND EAT THEM.

Here's all the odd-flavored potato chips we've eaten in the last few years:

Flavors discovered in Europe:

· Roast chicken & thyme (Belgium)
· Bacon (Italy)
· Paprika (Italy)
· Olive (Italy)
· Jamón Doritos (Spain)
· Spaghetti Bolognese (France)
· Lime (Spain)
· Cool American (Iceland)

Flavors discovered in the UK:

· Prawn Cocktail
· Haggis & cracked black pepper
· Flame-grilled Aberdeen Angus
· Firecracker Lobster
· Worcester Sauce
· Roast Ox
· Steak & Onion
· Chilli & Lemon
· Chicken Tikka Masala

Flavors discovered in Asia/Oceania:

· Unagi Kabayaki (Hong Kong)
· Salmon sushi (with wasabi) (Hong Kong)
· Okonomiyaki (Hong Kong)
· Mongkok-style roasted sausage (Hong Kong)
· Shichimi & soy sauce shrimp (Hong Kong)
· Chilli crab (Singapore)
· 'Grand Canyon French Fries' Pringles (Japan)
· Thousand Island (Japan)
· Caesar Salad (Japan)
· Borscht (China)
· Kyushu Seaweed (Thailand)
· Bangkok-style chicken wing Pringles (Thailand)
· Indonesia Satay Pringles (Thailand, actually)
· Salmon Teriyaki (Indonesia)
· French fries & ketchup (many places, most recently Indonesia)
· Grilled Chicken Paprika (Indonesia)
· Vegemite (Australia, duh)
· Sunday Roast (Australia)
· Meat Pie with Tomato Sauce (Australia)

We know there are more out there just waiting to be munched (eyes on you, Walker's Turkey & Stuffing). The stalking of the snack aisle is a year-round sport.

Some shots from our successes:

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