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Three Cute Owls and One Badass Lufthansa Bird

May 16, 2012 at 3:17 PM | by | ()


Okay. That's just a teaser video (with a hot shot of an Airbus A380), because what we really want to talk about is this Lufthansa video:

Filmed while the brand new Boeing 747-8 takes off from Boeing's Everett HQ, bound for its new home at Frankfurt International Airport, the video should get you psyched to welcome yet another airplane type to US airports.

Listen for how the narrator pronounces "superjumbo;" it's our second favorite part of the whole video, following the peek at the upper deck Business Class seats from 1:20 on.

What's the difference between a 747-400 and the coming 747-800, you ask? Oh man. First off, there's the difference of a few decades and all the technological advancements that entails, which will make the -800 version quieter, more economical and overall more efficient. The 747-400 (or 744 for short) was first introduced in 1989, with Northwest Airlines and the 747-800 is making its red carpet arrival here in 2012, with Lufthansa. In fact, the first regular flights begin very soon—June 1 on the Frankfurt-Washington (IAD) route.

Oh yes, it's just bigger too. The 747-800 is the longest passenger airliner in the world, beating even the serious doubledecker size of the A380. For what it's worth, the A380 still rules when it comes to wingspan. Lufthansa will own both anyway, but will be flying them from different US airports. Check out this graphic for a fun size comparison and take a virtual tour of the Lufthansa bird here.

One thing the 747-400 and 747-800 will always have in common: that you'll remember your first flight on them. That's a given when it coms to the "Queen of the Skies."

BONUS NEWS! Lufthansa has also introduced a new social media tool where you can tell your networks about an upcoming Lufthansa flight, and then kick back and wait to receive all their well wishes, greetings and expressions of jealousy while you're actually in flight. It's so, so new and we haven't heard of anyone doing this yet to report back on what actually happens, but it could be awesome to try it if you've got an impending flight. You begin by connecting with Facebook here.

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