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The Scoop on the New Restaurants and Shops Headed to Atlanta Airport

May 11, 2012 at 10:48 AM | by | ()

The biggest airport news of the year here at home is probably the planned expansion of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Things are supposed to be ready to go around May 16, so if you’re heading through or to the airport anytime soon be sure to check out all the new airport goodies. We’re excited to see how the new terminal differs from all the others at the airport, and of course there’s a particular interest in all the new shops and restaurants.

Initially there should be like 20 shops and restaurants up and running, and after that there will be a trickle of new options here and there that just couldn’t get it together in time for the grand opening. As far as eats are concerned there’s a brand new airport outpost of the city’s iconic hamburger and hot dog palace known as The Varsity. It looks like they might even be selling their famous chili right at the counter, so you can bring some home as an airport souvenir. Just be ready to go with your order when they call out “what’ll ya have?”

It’s not all fried foods at the new airport concourse, as French Meadow Bakery and Pei Wei Asian Diner are also scheduled to debut in just over a week. We’ve visited both locations at MSP, and we feel that each is a pretty decent airport dining option. Sure it’s not fine dining, but for those looking for a solid sandwich—or a no nonsense noodle bowl—they are both worth the cash.

For those that need a shopping pit stop there will be Kiehl’s, Tommy Hilfiger, and of course plenty of duty-free opportunities. Hudson News might not have made the press release, but we’re confident that there will be something like that where you can pick up an US Weekly and a bag of M&Ms for your long haul journey.

We’ll be sure to share our impressions of Atlanta’s newest airport offerings when we make our way to ATL, but if you beat us there be sure to let us know what you think.

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