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United Airlines in 1962: Frequent Flyers in the Space Race

May 1, 2012 at 11:29 AM | by | ()

Look what we found! Why, it's a June 1962 edition of United's old in-flight magazine, Mainliner. This week, we'll be flipping through the pages and learning a thing or two about the United of the dawn of the jet age.

Just as in any modern in-flight magazine, ads make up a good percentage of the content in this 1962 edition. This one, from National Car Rental is the most compelling, as it both features the early airline business traveler and looks as though it could've been made by Mad Men's Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

The happy customer featured is Paul Stancik, Purchasing Agent for Motorola's Military Electronics Division. The caption notes that he flies an average of 100,000 miles every year—a number today's frequent flyers would laugh at, but meant serious commitment to jet travel way back then.

Stancik trusts National—a company founded in 1947—to set him up in "A-OK" cars so he can get to missile launchpads. OMG exciting, right?!

Well not much has changed, has it? The 1962 Fords have been replaced, but Mr. Stancik's spectacles have returned to fashion, we're still gasping at the glimpse of spacecraft, and National Car Rental is still putting keys into the hands of business travelers fresh off United flights to this day.

Curious to have a better look at the ad? View a larger version here.

[Image scan: Jaunted]

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