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An Awesome Day on Bali: Drinking the Local Brews

Where: Bali, Indonesia
April 25, 2012 at 4:08 PM | by | ()


BALI. For some, the word conjures up images of infinity pools, surfing beaches and tropical temples. For others, it's a nightmare of topless tourists and sweaty sightseeing. Well, we just got back ourselves and we, with the help of tips from friends and locals, did something in between...something that turned out to be awesome. Put on the SPF, hire a car* and join us this week as we reveal an An Awesome Day on Bali (Jaunted-style).

Our awesome day on Bali continues with drinking...(almost) everywhere and (almost) everything.

All tastes can be satisfied by both non-alcoholic and adult beverages, a fact important to remember in Indonesia where much of the population is Muslim. Still, Bali offers a range of options, considering it's something of a melting pot for locals and tourists.

Our recent travel to the island means we truly got a feel for the local delicacies with some great food, but the drinks were quite notable as well. Though there are Starbucks scattered around, it's best to avoid them as you would the tap water.

Part of our time was spent in and around Denpasar, the capital of the island. This is located near the beaches, so tropical flavors abound. Bali is about 14 degrees from the equator, which means hot sun and high humidity. To stay hydrated, supplement everything with water of the bottled variety. Danone Aqua seems to be the most popular and readily available and is served in glass bottles. Since it's about 60 cents per bottle, drink up!

Something with a bit more flavor would be fresh-squeezed juices. Watermelon, pineapple and orange are the most common. Specialty juice blends vary from eatery to eatery. We sampled a cucumber, lime and mint mix that was delicious. Watermelon, guava and mint was a favorite as well.

Warungs are small eateries usually frequented by locals for the quick and easy food. This is where you can sample a variety of drinks as well. At one, we slurped a lime squash, a beverage that had a tart and tangy taste with a slight effervescence, perfect for refreshment on a hot and sticky day and a perfect compliment to barbeque seafood.

Even better are the electrolyte-rich young coconut juices served in their own freshly machete-ed coconut shells. It doesn't get much more tropical and, at only around 15,000 rupiahs ($1.65) at a warung, the price can't be beat.

Now, beverages of the adult variety are more common at venues frequented by tourists. The most popular beer would have to be Bintang, brewed locally. You can easily take home a handful of tank-tops with the logo to support the local market. A light, cold lager such as Bintang or Bali Hai could certainly hit the spot after a long day in the sun, but bare in mind it is still alcoholic and possibly dehydrating.

We even sampled more creative drinks at hotel bars, such as a mango daiquiri and a popcorn margarita. The margarita was served with regular salted and caramel popcorn on the side to compliment the taste and replace the need for salt on the rim.

Further north of the beaches, up in Ubud, we downed some new flavors (to us) of the lassi, an Indian yogurt drink. Specifically we had a lemon and mint lassi and a mango and pineapple lassi at Rendezvous-doux on Jalan Raya Ubud; neither disappointed.

Whatever your plans for touring the tropical island, with this many options, (and heaps more), there is no fear of going thirsty! Cheers!

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[Photos: Rayme Gorniak for Jaunted]

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