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Dear MegaMillions Winners, Buy This Boeing

April 2, 2012 at 9:36 AM | by | ()

We didn’t call out sick this morning, and that basically confirms one thing—we didn’t win the MegaMillions lottery over the weekend. It might not have been our lucky day, but it was certainly a wonderful weekend for three lucky winners scattered across the country in spots like Maryland, Illinois, and Kansas. We haven’t looked through the family tree yet to determine if we’ve got any long lost aunts or uncles, but we do have a suggestion for those looking to cash in some of their winnings—a private plane.

Boeing has just released some new information and pictures that show off a new version of the Boeing Business Jet. Our suggestion is to immediately place a down payment on this variation of a Boeing 737-700, and then work out all the financing and other details later. Just imagine cruising around—it has a range of around 5,600 nautical miles—with your family and friends. We’re pretty sure you can customize the thing anyway you want, but after looking through some of the photos and renderings of one option—we’ll just have what they're having.

Your own in-flight kitchen and an up in the air master bedroom should satisfy even the most mega of millionaires, and we’re pretty sure those transcontinental flights between your Malibu mansion and New York apartment will just fly by—literally.

Pricing starts around $57 million, but it sounds like most VIP customers are adding at least another $20 or $25 million in features, upgrades, and custom this and that. Of course the plane is going to need some gas—and lots of it—so you might just need to watch your fuel intake. You don’t want to blow through your millions and millions too darn quickly.

[Photos: Boeing via Seattle PI]

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