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The Three Best Travel-Related April Fools' Jokes for 2012

April 2, 2012 at 11:54 AM | by | ()

3. Hipmunk's Millenium Falcon WiFi-enabled flights
Going after the little, taken-by-surprise laugh that comes from inserting easter eggs to sites, Hipmunk added the Millennium Falcon to their flight options. Do a search, and you'd see it in the results. Of course, heading off with Han Solo will cost more than with, say, a Frontier Airlines crew, but it does indicate that your space flight will be WiFi-enabled. Thank god, considering the lengthy layover in hyperspace.

This whole book-a-fake-flight thing reminds us of the Kayak stunt a couple years back, when LOST's Oceanic 815 was an actual option...if you inputted the correct flight search on their site.

2. Scoot's $1 Flights between Changi and Paya Lebar
For an airline that barely even exists, Scoot is ON. TOP. OF IT. For realz. Not only are they in the midst of receiving airplanes, training staff, selling first tickets, conducting contests and announcing real routes, but they also took the time yesterday to announce a fake route: from Singapore-Changi Airport all the way to Singapore-Paya Lebar Air Base.

It's funny because Scoot is based in Singapore, a country so small that domestic flights just can't happen...unless it's between airports you can easily reach on public transportation as it is. Even better? These shuttle flights would cost only $1. They announced the new route with the above video, a phone conversation with a girl supposedly on the flight. Note it only took one minute.

Not so fast! Something like this has actually happened in the past. Last year, JetBlue made LA drivers very happy by skirting the "carmageddon" of the 405 closure by offering $4 flights between Burbank and Long Beach airports. It was $5 if you wanted extra legroom. The flights sold out. For real.

1. Virgin's launch of "Virgin Volcanic"
Leave it to Virgin to go all-out. Virgin Holiday launched a new currency—the Branson, while Virgin Atlantic started up onboard pet therapy (the cutest April Fools airline prank ever?) and Virgin Active began "Bare and Burn" workouts , but it was Virgin's global brand that took the cake by launching an entire new division: Virgin Volcanic.

Virgin Volcanic banks on the success of Virgin Oceanic and Virgin Galactic to explore yet another mysterious edge of the earth: the interior of it. A drill-like capsule—named the VVS1—will take travelers deep into the magma core of a volcano, only to emerge out another one, on the other side of the globe: "Experts predict that one could travel from Hawaii to Naples in a couple of hours via the molten lava flows, with passengers boarding and disembarking from a network of 'Earthports' close to the world's volcanoes." Catch the full "press release" for Virgin Volcanic here.

Curious to see what other airlines did for April Fools? AirlineReporter rounded up the jokes here. Honorable mention to Air New Zealand's prank (which serious airline dorks will recognize as half-spoofing Scoot's actual travel classes).

[Photos: Hipmunk, Scoot, Virgin]

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