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Mayan Calendar Tours and Events Popping Up Just About Everywhere

April 19, 2012 at 9:54 AM | by | ()

End of the world predictions based on the Mayan calendar are, in a word, dumb (in two words: really dumb; in three words: really, really dumb; and so on). But because humanity is a magical pixie-dusted tapestry of diversity, the impending expiration of the Mayan calendar has become big business. And because humanity also likes to travel, what the NY Post once called the "Apocalypse Cash Cow"—books, DVDs, merchandise, smartphone apps, etc—has now reached the tourism industry.

Fox News Latina has a brief rundown of some of the Maya-themed tours, services, and events that have sprung up across Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico. Most of the programs thankfully don't have anything to do with the calendar itself. Tour guides, hoteliers, and entire countries are simply taking advantage of the heightened interest that tourists have taken in all things Mayan.

In Mexico, for instance, tourists are already angling to go see the descent of the feathered serpent at Chichen Itza, which happens during the Autumn Equinox in September. Belize also has a series of events revolving around the solstice and equinox, including themed camping trips. Honduras, meanwhile, is playing host to the ongoing Temascal ceremony, which is an ancient purification ritual that was practiced by the Maya and other indigenous groups. And of course, tour guides are all angling to take tourists to various ruins.

Of course we here at Jaunted we've had a Mayan Calendar travel category since 2009. We also have a Doomsday Tourism category. Because while we love all of our readers, and we'd never assume anything but the best about any of you guys, we're also realists.

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