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The Facebook Cover Photos of 17 Airlines

April 17, 2012 at 10:19 AM | by | ()

Now that everyone has been forced into adopting the new Facebook timeline layout, the addition of a "cover photo" has had brands rethinking their image presentation. This seems to be pretty difficult for airlines, as many just left the cover photo decision up to a poll.

What's emerged are a couple types of airline Facebook cover shot: plane from a dramatic angle, alluring flight attendants, and the airline's name as large as possible. Since it's a pain to search for each airline individually to see what we mean, we've rounded up some current airline cover photos, alphabetically:

· Aeroflot

· Air Asia

· Alaska Airlines

· American Airlines

· British Airways

· Cathay Pacific

· Delta

· Frontier

· JetBlue

· Lufthansa


· Qantas

· Singapore Airlines

· Southwest Airlines

· United

· US Airways

· Virgin America

· Virgin Atlantic

So, which one is your favorite? We're partial to KLM ourselves, for their creative use of the layout.

[Photos: screenshots of the Facebook pages]

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