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What's In Your Travel Cosmetic Case, Cynthia?

April 16, 2012 at 1:28 PM | by | Comments (0)

Last season, we showed you what we (and some other notable travelers) pack in a carry-on. Now it's time to get personal. All this week, the intrepid contributors here at Jaunted will open our dopp kits and cosmetic cases to reveal what keeps us looking so damn good.

Hi, I'm Cynthia. I'm in Bali, Indonesia right now, at the start of a nearly month-long trip hitting 3-4 cities in Southeast Asia. This is my cosmetic case, which contains a little more than what I'd usually bring, considering the next several weeks will see me in a variety of situations, including work meetings, beach club chillaxing, nice and not-so-nice meals and many planes/trains/buses/taxis/dusty walks.

The bag: a Singapore Airlines First Class kit from Kiehl's. It's black, it's got a slim profile with minimal pockets and—bonus·it's got a tiny side handle.

The contents:

· Kiehl's Calendula face toner
· Pop nail polish in metallic gold (looks awesome in tropical sunlight)
· Tiger balm (must have for calming mosquito bite itch)
· Kiehl's face moisturizer
· Duane Reade SPF 30 sunscreen stick
· Razor
· Band-aids of assorted sizes
· Tweezers
· Pixi Flawless Vitamin Veil coverup
· Colgate toothpaste from an airline amenity kit
· Clear toothbrush from an airline amenity kit
· Stila eyeshadow set
· MUJI eyeshadow applicator wand
· Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in sepia brown (bought duty-free on a flight a while ago)
· Pixi undereye coverup
· DVF lipstick in "Volcano" (orangey-peach for the beach)
· MAC lipstick in "Inez" (frosty purple for city nights)
· MAC lipstick in "Morange" (vibrant orange for trendier spots)
· Lipstick Queen lipgloss in "Saunter" (natural mauve-y peach)
· NARS eyeliner pencil in "Rue Saint-Honore"
· MAC liquid eyeliner in "Boot Black"
· Shiseido travel mascara
· Cherry chapstick
· Q-tips!

So, what do you stuff in your toiletry kit? Let us know, below.

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