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Video Interlude: Flying from New York and Landing in Hong Kong

April 16, 2012 at 6:35 PM | by | ()

What will 50,000 British Airways miles (pre-Avios) and a little over $300 in taxes get you? Well, for starters, an economy seat on Cathay Pacific flight CX 831 from New York-JFK to Hong Kong-HKG. It'll also get you a few more flights around Asia and the long return leg, but for right now let's talk about the magic of the JFK-HKG jaunt.

Before British Airways devalued their miles by switching to the new Avios system, we made a feverish call to their award booking center. Our prime goal: get a seat on this flight, one of our favorites, which takes 16 hours to deliver you from the metropolis of NYC, up over the North Pole, down to the bright lights/big city of Hong Kong. The timing is perfect; depart NYC in the early afternoon before rush hour, and arrive to HK in the middle of sunset the next day. Surely if you could dig through the center of the Earth from New York, you'd emerge in HK.

Here's the video we shot just the other day:

It's a cozy flight; 16 hours gives you time to get used to being squished up on a plane. We watched three movies we've been meaning to see, but too busy to get around to otherwise.

The Boeing 777-300ER is a big plane, though not double-decker. Regardless, the chances are high that you won't end up with a window seat. Luckily we've captured the best of the scenery below (with the exception of the polar ice cap—now that is something to behold).

[Video: Jaunted]

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