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Ryanair is Literally Selling Tickets to See the Pope

April 13, 2012 at 2:38 PM | by | ()

When it comes to inventing new fees and in-flight purchases for their passengers, it goes without saying that Ryanair is a leading... innovator. Sometimes those fees are so egregious they get ruled illegal, so the Irish LCC has to continuously brainstorm. There's a reason that the airline is swimming in profits.

Last time it was porn. This time it's audiences with Pope. Where it not for how simply tiresome this entire act is becoming, we'd almost admire Ryanair's utter disregard for even the barest hint of shame. Almost.

There's a certain degree to which the new "Papal Audience Tour" actually makes sense. Ryanair recently overtook Alitalia as Italy's largest carrier, and religion travel is a not insignificant part of the country's tourism industry. Might as well bundle everything together, have cabin crews sell packages with their little handheld devices, and pocket some extra money. The tours will also be available for purchase online.

But here's the thing about audiences with the Pope: you don't buy them. You get them. If you want tickets for an audience you have to acquire them through your church, or by writing to your Bishop or Cardinal, or via some similar organization. Someone at Ryanair made an arrangement with someone else - specifically, a tour company named isango! - and managed to turn it into a marketing campaign/tourism sale.

"Selling" tickets to see the Pople is a scam. Some might even suggest it's a little unseemly. No worries though, because apparently Ryanair customers will get 50% discounts on their isango! tours.

No but seriously. Of course Ryanair is selling audiences with the Pope. Because of course they did.

[Photo: Giuseppe Ruggirello / Wiki Commons]

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