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Air France Gives Instagram a First Peek Inside Their Largest Lounge Ever

Where: Paris, France
April 12, 2012 at 11:34 AM | by | ()

So, do you think the $1 Billion sale of social photo sharing site Instagram to Facebook has had any effect on photos posted this week? We mean aside from any jokey reaction shots after the news of the sale hit the wire. For one, we've personally noticed increased brand activity on Instagram, especially with travel brands who realize it's a channel they can control (and no one wants to read press releases--just show the pictures!)

Air France has fully adopted Instagram, though only recently using it as a kind of supplementary news stream. The latest news? Air France will open their largest lounge ever, at Paris-Chares de Gaulle's new S4 boarding satellite, this summer.

The 3,000 square meter Salon d'Affaires will have 600 seats. Here's a few views, via airfrance on Instagram:

· Chaise lounge napping space
· Window-side, parklike seating
· Between the food and the main seating area
· A dining area
· A quiet area with mini bar nook

Already we can saw it totally beats the Salon d'Affaires we've already seen at CDG? Oh, so easily.

[Photos: Air France]

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