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DFW Teams Up with AT&T for Free Airport WiFi, Finally

April 11, 2012 at 8:55 AM | by | ()

With in-flight WiFi gaining popularity, the importance of WiFi in the terminal isn’t exactly quite the necessity it once was. Nonetheless, that hardly means that we’re going to pass up some free terminal-wide WiFi, especially in a pretty big airport. Thankfully, Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport is the latest airport to flip the WiFi switch from costly to complimentary, and it's going to be accessible to travelers throughout the terminals, concourses, and even the parking garages. We’re just kind of curious if you can pick up a signal up in the airport’s Skylink train.

Airport officials at DFW are teaming up with everyone’s favorite mobile technology carrier—kidding—AT&T to offer up the free WiFi to the masses. It sounds like the behind-the-scenes work is already underway, and that things should be good to go as soon as September. Unfortunately there’s a bit of a catch—of course there is—as you’ll need to watch a 30-second commercial before signing into the service for the first time.

Watching the little video will get you access to 40 minutes of connectivity, and after that we’re thinking that you’ll just have to load up the commercial one more time—or go get a slice from Sbarro. AT&T and the airport are promising that speeds will be pretty darn fast, and they're eager to mention that access should be pretty much everywhere in the airport.

Obviously we could do without the 30-second commercial, but we’ll probably be able to suck it up. We’re sure that’ll be the case for frequent American Airlines flyers, as well as the 57 million passengers that arrive, depart, and connect through the airport each year. Oh, and don’t worry if DFW isn’t in your travel plans any time soon, as there are plenty of other airports with terminal-wide WiFi—just check our airport WiFi map.

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