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Red Shoe Diaries: Five Pairs of Pumps that Steal the Virgin Atlantic Sex Appeal

March 9, 2012 at 2:56 PM | by | ()

It was this time last year that Virgin Atlantic announced that they'd be re-shoeing their girls in the skies with patent red heels.

Flying Virgin to London last summer, we still spied the black shoes boarding flights. Entering the new JFK Clubhouse last week however, we chatted with a few flight attendants who showed a little leg, angled their heels to catch the light, and said that, yes, they'd finally gotten the scarlet kicks. Are they being hit on more? "Yes, absolutely! The compliments come from everyone and the shoes are an easy target, plus they are hot," says one FA.

Agreed, but since the Virgin Atlantic pumps aren't available for purchase, we set out to find Five Shoes to Steal that Virgin Sex Appeal:

The closest match:
Well, the Virgin Atlantic flight attendants will be happy to hear that the nearest style to their own shoes comes from designer Kate Spade. These "Zacara" heels are real patent leather, made in Italy, and have a 3 3/4" heel.
$298 on Zappos Couture.

The upgrade:
Trust Christian Louboutin to make a deadly red heel with his trademark scarlet sole. The patent leather, made in Italy "Rolando" has a hidden platform as well, so the 4 3/4" heel isn't as punishing...though it will still look like you're dangerous.
$745 at Neiman Marcus.

The budget option:
If you're not too sure about the look of a bold red heel, or you plan to just go as a Virgin flight attendant for a costume party, then the Unlisted by Kenneth Cole "Proto Call" may be the right choice. It's not real leather, but it is priced quite low.
$39.99 on Zappos.

The sensible heel:
If you're looking to actually don these babies while rushing around airports, rental car counters and hotel reception desks, then perhaps a little lower heel is a good choice. This Ros Hommerson "Valentine" is affordable, has a leather lining, and the heel measures only 2 1/4" high.
$69.99 on Zappos.

The Jaunted pick:
We're not afraid to slip into red heels, but we would personally have to go a bit funkier with these Melissa x Vivienne Westwood flocked plastic pumps. Yes, plastic. Made in Brazil but designed by the famous Brit fashion legend, the Westwoods are ridiculously comfortable and sturdy (we have plenty Melissas and Melissa x Westwoods of our own to back up this claim), and the flocked finish means no scuffing.
$179.95 on Zappos.

[Photos: Jaunted]

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