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Endlich! Get Psyched for Lufthansa's New, Lie-Flat Business Class Seats

March 8, 2012 at 6:06 PM | by | ()

Yes yes yes! Or, rather, ja ja ja! Lufthansa today made the huge announcement that they will be introducing an all-new Business Class, with redesigned seats and entertainment systems. Oh, and guess what? The new seats will be lie-flat, which solves the biggest complaint about the current seats, which recline to an angle (and you end up sliding down as you attempt sleep).

The new Business Class will hit Lufty's fleet beginning with their fresh-off-the-line Boeing 747-8 in only a few weeks. Following this, we hope for a swift fleet-wide rollout, but there's not definite dates on that quite yet.

Trust us when we say that every bit of this 3-billion-Euro in-flight upgrade is for the better. Sure, travelers should be excited for the 6' 5" lie-flat bed, the 15" seatback TV screens and new materials, but perhaps the sweetest perk of the new seats will be massively increased personal space.

It's a V! The seat alignment will no longer be the standard, everyone-face-forward-shoulder-to-shoulder layout, but will be pairs of seats that gradually turn in towards each other. This allows for shoulder space, clearly divided floor space that keeps smelly feet out of the aisle, and increased personal storage space. Ahhhh—space.

Only a trickle of details on the new seats have made it to light, plus the official photos above. Stay tuned!

The difference is huge; our first impression, looking at the two side-by-side, was that it seems like Business Class has taken off the polo shirt and khakis and finally put on a nice day suit. And check out that snazzy, striped pillow.

[Photos: Lufthansa]

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So sleek and swanky!

Has LH moved the business class cabin back to aft? Row 86 is far back! ;)