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Man Opens Airplane Emergency Door to Get Rid of Crying Child

March 7, 2012 at 1:54 PM | by | ()

Everyone's been next to the screaming child on the airplane. Your blood pressure instantly shoots up, and it doesn't take very long before you sincerely start to believe that travel with children on flights should be banned by law. The parents are almost always mortified, which somehow makes the entire spectacle even more annoying because in a very precise way it's all their fault, so what are they doing getting annoyed?

There was an incident a few years ago when Allegiant Air removed an entire family from a flight (parents and kids) because the parents couldn't or wouldn't get their adorable little angels under control. There's a reason why some people are calling for banishing kids to the back of airplanes.

Fast forward to last month in Vietnam, when an obviously harried woman—accompanying an tantrum-throwing child—just could not wait any longer to get off her Vietnam Airlines airplane. The flight was over and she had simply had enough. So she asked the man next to her, 29-year-old Le Van Thuan, to pop the emergency door and release the slide. And, because this story is awesome, that's exactly what he did.

Unfortunately neither he nor the woman ended up using the slide, which presumably just sat there as everyone gawked. The guy now faces a fine for his behavior, which the Daily Mail pegs at $676 and the Associated Press thinks will be about $950.

In either case the fine is way short of the $10,000ish that the airline will have to pay to refit the slide. That begs a lot of questions, when you begin to think about it. Questions like "is $950 worth the cost just for the sheer value of getting to say you popped open an emergency door to get rid of a screaming child?"

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