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Turkish Airlines Shows Off Its Latest Livery in 3D Time Lapse

Where: Turkey
March 29, 2012 at 11:22 AM | by | ()

We don’t know when Turkish Airlines hired the new marketing crew, but, ever since they snagged Kobe to sell seats on their planes, it seems like they're always on the offensive. This week they’re busy readying a new livery, and of course that means a 3D time-lapse video of all the excitement.

Unfortunately we don’t have a pair of 3D glasses hanging around Jaunted HQ, so we’re kind of just trying to imagine how much better the video would be if it were popping out of our laptop screen. Even without the added fun, it’s still pretty darn interesting to see the airline transform one of their planes.

Turkish Airlines is trying to show its employees and airline family how much they’re appreciated, so they’re slapping the faces of each and every one of them on the side of a Boeing 737. In total there’s like 17,000 different photos now stuck to the side of the plane, and it does create a fairly interesting—if not busy—look to the airplane. Hmm. Remind you of anything else? Let’s just say it’ll definitely stand out when pulled up the gate.

Apparently the whole process involved a crew of around 20 people, and it took about four months to get the plane ready to go. It sounds like this isn’t a limited time thing either, as the plane is scheduled to do its thing to here and there for the next year or so. The only bummer is that 737s aren't the planes for long-haul routes, so you’re going to need to head to Turkey to check it out in person.

[Photo: BriYYZ]

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