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Japan Airlines Takes Home Their Newest Toy: A Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Where: Japan
March 26, 2012 at 12:17 PM | by | ()

Until now there’s only been one airline with access to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, but that’s about to change. All Nippon Airways is about to get some company when it comes to flying the 787, as it’s finally Japan Airlines’ turn to play with the brand new airplane.

All the pomp and circumstance took place over the weekend, as the official handoff between Japan Airlines and Boeing went down. The new plane is even unique in that it has different airplane engines than those currently utilized by ANA's Dreamliners. Japan Airlines ordered some fancypants GEnx engines from General Electric, and those power plants just got the necessary approvals from the friendly folks over at the Federal Aviation Administration.

The plan for the new plane is for Japan Airlines' pilots to fly from the Seattle area back over to Tokyo’s Narita Airport today, and then Japan Airlines will probably be showing it off to anyone and everyone. Eventually the plane will be the first 787 to visit the United States on a regular basis, as the carrier is scheduling a flight between Tokyo-Narita and Boston starting at the end of April.

Just in case you’re not sold on the awesomeness of the 787—don’t worry—Boeing just announced the fifth segment of the 787 Dream Tour. It sounds like the marketing materials and sales folks will be bringing one of the new planes over to spots like South America, Asia, Russia, and Europe. There’s even a chance for the public to take a peek at the plane, as this week’s it’s going to be down in Chile to visit LAN Airlines and the FIDAE Air Show. If you happen to check it out, be sure to tell the plane we said hello.

[Photo: Mika Stetsovski]

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