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Houston's Hobby Airport May Become Southwest's First International Hub

March 22, 2012 at 10:28 AM | by | ()

There’s still plenty of unknown this and that with the Southwest Airlines and AirTran merger, but one thing that is intriguing—to us at least—is how the newly combined airline will handle international flying. Of course we dream of cheap flights down to Mexico or over to the Caribbean, but it’s still not totally clear on how the Southwest planes will get there or where the flights will originate.

Although nothing is official as of yet, it does sound like one airport is planning for the possibility of some international departures and arrivals. Houston Hobby Airport—a favorite of Southwest—is now considering what it might mean to the airport and the city to add the capacity to handle international flights. It sounds like the city is looking into the possibility, as Southwest has already expressed interest about adding some planes and people to spots in Mexico and South America.

The city’s mayor plans to study the international potential at the airport, and if everything goes well the local government could be deciding on the possibility of adding an international terminal as soon as this May. The folks over at United Airlines—who do quite a lot of business from Houston’s other airport—are less than pleased, and they’ve already released a statement discussing how the change could weaken the city’s overall economy.

We think the more flights the merrier when it comes to flights offered out of Houston, and that’s definitely our opinion if the flights are affordable and offered from Southwest Airlines. Clearly things won’t be in place for this year’s spring break, but maybe by 2013 the flights to Cancun will already be doing their thing.

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