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If One Lawmaker Gets His Way, National Parks May Go Up For Sale

March 21, 2012 at 9:58 AM | by | ()

It’s not even April yet and already we know what we want from Santa this year. On the list: our very own national park, and it sounds like this may be a possibility if a US Representative gets his way. The deal is that one Congressman thinks that selling off some of the country’s national park land is a great idea, as this could raise some cash to pay down the country’s debt.

Sure paying off the national debt sounds like a pretty good thing, but we’re hardly 100% behind the idea to sell off spots like the Grand Canyon in order to do so. Cliff Stearns—he’s a Republican from Florida—thinks that the sales to raise some extra funds is what any family would do, so it makes perfect sense for the government to do so as well.

It sounds like some of his comments were just off the cuff remarks, so he didn’t have a press conference just to discuss his plans for putting up for sale signs outside the country’s national parks. However, he clearly is concerned about paying down the debt, and it sounds like all option remains on the table as far as he’s concerned. We’re thinking that there will be quite a few members of Congress opposed to any ideas like this, so for now you probably won’t be visiting "Zion National Park: A Coca-Cola Park" any time soon.

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Lack of brain power....

When will politicians start using their brains again. If anything the Feds should be buying up land as quickly as possible to prevent it all from becoming strip mines and deforested landscape. This is a short-sighted, narrow thinking, ludicrous suggestion. I would be embarrassed if anyone in my family made such a suggestion in their "out loud voice." Really! Grow up and grow a brain!