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iPads in the Cockpit: Apple's Slick Video Shows Off United's New Toys

Where: Santiago, Chile
April 5, 2012 at 1:28 PM | by | ()

This has truly been the week for tablet hype. You can't do business without them, can't educate without them and apparently can't even watch tv without them.

While flying certainly can still be done without an iPad, the little gadget is seriously making life easier for the thousands of pilots already given them to aid in navigation and flight planning. We know that American Airlines and British Airways are passing out the pads, but it's United who has partnered up with Apple to show exactly how the whole aviation + mobile tech thing works.

The beautiful video:

We were tipped off to this excellent mini-film by Jaunted friend and reader Chris A. He's right in saying that it's really a huge ad for Apple, but the informational aspects are not to be overlooked. Just as we like having a window seat to see where we're going, we also enjoy knowing a little about what's happening in the cockpit.

One more thing. This video teaches us that now, when we see a pilot tapping on an iPad at an airport Applebee's, we'll know he's not playing FlightControl but instead checking the weather (or so we hope).

[Photos: United/Apple]

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