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The World's First Airport IMAX Screen Set to Debut in Hong Kong

March 15, 2012 at 10:23 AM | by | ()

We kind of already have our favorite international airport picked out, as the place where the airplanes do their thing over in Singapore is pretty much second to none. However, it looks like Hong Kong Airport is continuing to try their very best to woo travelers heading to—and through—the airport, as they're about to have something that no other airport in the world has.

Hong Kong' Chep Lap Kok Airport just fired up the popcorn for the very first time, as they’re putting the finishing touches on the world’s first IMAX theater at an airport. If all goes well, expect it to open to the flying public towards the middle of 2012; get ready to start smuggling your Goobers and Milk Duds into the theater. Films won’t be free—bummer—but it sounds like pricing hasn’t been set as of yet.

UA Cinemas will be in charge of running things at the theater, and there will be room for around 300 people on the pre-security side of Terminal 2. That’s nice for locals or those getting to the airport way too early, but we think it should be inside the security area for connecting passengers to check out as well. Officials are promising to show both regular movies as well as 3D features, but we’re just hoping there’s more than just the traditional educational IMAX films.

[Photo: Hong Kong Airport via TerminalU]

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