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Add Cathay Pacific to the Mobile Boarding Pass Club

February 9, 2012 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

Mobile boarding passes are finally pretty much becoming the norm here in the US, but we do realize that there are still plenty of carriers where it isn’t yet an option. Step by step, other airlines are coming over to the tech-friendly side, and this week it’s Cathay Pacific upgrading their offerings with mobile boarding passes.

Cathay Pacific is starting off small, so you won’t be able to utilize any mobile boarding passes leaving from the United States just yet. The paper-free process is now available in Auckland, NZ—as well in Hong Kong. Passengers who do their check-ins online will have the chance to receive their boarding information right on their mobile devices, and then it just takes a swipe and scan to hop aboard both select Dragonair and Cathay Pacific flights.

The passes are smart too, as they even know which lounges you're able to access before you depart. Just show off your mobile boarding pass to the staff at the lounge, and they’ll give you the thumbs up to drag your rollaboard and self right into the lounge for some snacks.

Passes are sent the passes via text message—SMS—or email, so there are really no system requirements to use this new technology upgrade. However, if you’ve got a 1990s-era Motorola StarTac or other vintage device, we’re thinking that you might just need to stick with the traditional paper process. We’re happy to hear that Cathay Pacific is upgrading the technology, and now we’re just hoping that a technology error in our favor might just lead to an upgrade to the front of the plane—ha, we wish.

[Photo: Cathay Pacific]

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