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Hanging Out at Singapore's Changi Airport: So Many Gardens

February 7, 2012 at 10:24 AM | by | ()

There's a reason Singapore-Changi International Airport consistently wins awards; it's because the place is ah-may-zing. After spending much time at the three main terminals earlier this week, we're sharing with you our favorite, can't-miss bits of this massive travel hub.

Today: The variety of indoor and outdoor gardens in Terminals 1 and 2

So a weird thing happened while we were at Changi. Well, we were chilling in a cactus garden watching a Qantas 747 taxi around the tarmac when it suddenly began raining in a soaking downpour that nearly ruined our passport. What's odd about this isn't the raining on the cacti, but the fact that all this was happening in an airport.

Changi is a massive airport of four terminals, but only three are worth talking about (the fourth is a tiny terminal for budget, regional airlines). The main three are packed with all kinds of shops, all kinds of eateries, a flume slide, a pool and lovely, lovely gardens:

· Cactus Garden (T1)
· Outdoor smoking garden (T1)
· Sunflower Garden (T2)
· Fern Garden (T2)
· Orchid Garden (T2)
· Butterfly Garden (T3)

Some are indoors, some outdoor, and some a mix of both, with indoor trees and flowers but a stream and bridge that makes you think you're outside. The best two are arguably the Orchid Garden, for its exotic colors and fat koi fish, and the Sunflower Garden, with its prime plane spotting views and picnic park feel.

Pro tip: Grab the free "Airport & Transfer Guide" pamphlet you'll see around the airport, because it has maps with the garden locations. We had this and still completely forgot about the Butterfly Garden.

Disclosure: We were a guest of Singapore Airlines for the flights to/from Singapore, but all Changi exploring & spending was completely on our own and uninfluenced.

[Photos: Cynthia Drescher for Jaunted]

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