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Get Lei'd: Hawaiian Airlines is Hiring Flight Attendants

February 7, 2012 at 8:45 AM | by | ()

It might not be quite as luxurious or exciting as it is on television, but if you’ve always thought of being a flight attendant then now’s the time to do so. Hawaiian Airlines—the unofficial airline of paradise—is now looking for flight attendants to help them expand across the islands and the world.

There's already plans for a New York City-to-Honolulu flight, and who knows where else they might be headed to in the future. In total there are around 175 new flight attendant positions available, but you better get that resume ready as the deadline is February 14.

There’s all kinds of requirements and preferences of course, as Hawaiian Airlines looks for qualified candidates. You’ll need to meet what the airline calls rigorous physical duty requirements; that means pushing and pulling stuff up to 150 pounds. Also, no visible tattoos are allowed, and you need to have a vertical reach ability of 82 inches—for the overhead bins.

All applications must be submitted online through the Hawaiian Airlines website, and if you’re lucky enough to make the cut, then get ready to travel. You’ll need to attend an unpaid six-week training course in Honolulu tentatively starting on April 2.

So if you possess a “winning attitude,” have “excellent communication skills,” and display a “professional image,” then the job might be for you. Of course it would also help if you love island hopping and looking out the window at tropical volcanoes.

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