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Kayak's New Travel Ads Are Thoroughly Insane

February 29, 2012 at 1:58 PM | by | ()

There are of course many approaches to advertising in general, and to travel advertising in particular. The old conventional wisdom about ads—differentiation differentiation boobs differentiation—has given way to a wide array of new techniques, many focused on social sharing and not a few of them enhanced by contests, games, and puzzles. Picking and choosing a smart combination of old and new is difficult, and companies will very often go for death or sex because those are easy ways to get attention.

That's how you end up with Priceline murdering their spokesman, Air New Zealand murdering their spokespuppet, and Ryanair being told over and over again that it has to stop being so overtly sexist.

And then there are the recent videos from travel aggregator Kayak. At the risk of falling into cliche, whatever their advertising people are smoking seems to be strong. Exceptionally strong. There's also the possibility that they're totally sober and somebody slipped something into our food. But someone in the production/consumption cycle of these ads is baked out of their minds.

The ad company is Barton F. Graf 9000 and you can find more information about the respective spots here and here and here.

"Be the brains of your own travel operation" is how Kayak captioned the first one on YouTube, and "ALL. THE. BEST. DEALS!" is how the second one is labeled. Yes, all capital letters and a bunch of punctuation, becuase that's how people speak when they're... excited.


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