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'An Idiot Abroad' Takes on Route 66, with a Little Wing Walking

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On the latest episode of An Idiot Abroad 2: The Bucket List, Ricky and Steve sent Karl on a not-so-typical Route 66 Road Trip.

Karl started his trip in Santa Monica where he picked up a convertible Smart Car (that he hated of course) and set off to take part in what Ricky Gervais called "the latest singing and dance craze in U.S.—Glee." Before he could say no, Karl was joining a high school choir on stage as they performed "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic." While the rest of the club was having a great time, Karl was miserable which made him ponder, "do Americans have fun better than us?"

While driving down the often isolated road, Karl also tried to figure out what he was suppose to be getting out of it all. "[Am I] meant to enjoy it now or is it something you appreciate after?" he wondered.

After spending the night at a cuddle party (which he pointed out would not happen in England) and visiting the giant Blue Whale in Oklahoma, Karl headed to Winkelman, AZ to go prospecting for gold. He met up with a local who first taught him how to shoot a gun and blow up some rock before taking him panning for gold in a nearby stream. They didn't find any gold, but the two men did seem to bond.

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The next stops on Karl's journey included a ride on a monster truck and a day tending crops with an Amish family, but it was the episode's final few moments that proved Karl isn't as timid as he pretends to be.

Ricky and Steve arranged for Karl to go "wing walking," which involves standing on the wings of a plane while the pilot does tricks in the air. The close up shots of Karl's face during the ride were terrifying but, as much as Karl swore and complained throughout the flight, he still did it, proving he isn't the coward they make him out to be.

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