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Military Puppies and Kitties Now Fly for Free on United

February 24, 2012 at 12:22 PM | by | ()

A couple weeks ago United announced some changes to their pet policy, and that didn’t sit too well with passengers looking to bring Fido or Fluffy on vacation too. This especially didn’t go over well with the brave men and women of the military, as the new policy was definitely going to screw up any plans they had to transport their pets along with the rest of the family.

Well it looks like United has listened to their flyers, and they’ve made a little bit of a change when it comes to flying with your furry friends.

Instead of shelling out plenty of cash in extra pet fees and fares, members of the military are now welcome to bring along their pets without the extra handling charge. Of course the type of pets allowed will be somewhat limited—no snakes on the plane obviously—but this is still good news for those that have way more important stuff to deal with then arguing with the agent at the airport ticket counter.

United is adopting the Continental Airlines policy, which means that pets that can’t sit under the seat will be stuck under the belly of the plane as cargo—with a fee. However, those moving about the globe on military orders will not have to pay an extra cargo fee that’s required in some countries in Europe as well as in Japan.

The new "PetSafe" program is set to switch over on or around March 3, as that’s the day when all hell breaks loose of the Continental stuff starts to finally switch over to the United stuff. For those not in the military, it sounds as though you're out of luck. However, there are still plenty of other carriers that may just help you and your best friend have a great vacation together. Until then, we’ll wait for Pet Airways to announce their first international route.

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