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Mokulele Airlines Spreads a Little Aloha with a Fresh Website and $60 Fares

February 23, 2012 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

It’s been a crazy few years for Mokulele Airlines after heading out on their own for a bit, then switching back and forth between several different ownership groups. Well now that Transpac Aviation has paid some decent cash for Mokulele Airlines to get them from Mesa Airlines, the funky-named airline is ready to celebrate their new ownership with a little bit of a rebranding.

For the most part Mokulele Airlines does their thing in and around the islands of Hawaii, as they provide interisland transportation to tourists and locals who feel like flying instead of swimming between them. They certainly have fewer airplanes than the competition over at Hawaiian Airlines, and Mokulele does their thing thanks to their fleet of Cessna 208B Grand Caravan single-engine turboprops. Although we’re thinking that they’ll lease something a little bit nicer if they ever get those international flights off the ground.

With new ownership comes a new website, and we have to say that we think it’s pretty darn fun. Plenty of colors and bright designs make us think of the islands, and it definitely spreads the Aloha spirit while reminding of us to have a good time.

Our only hesitation with the new design is that it almost seems a little too fun. Crooked fonts make us wonder if we’re going to bounce up and down on the runway kind of like the letters in the way of the stylized Mokulele logo. Overall we still have to give it a thumbs up, and with one-way interisland fares starting at just around $60 per person, we might want to give them a try the next time we find ourselves in the Aloha State.

[Photo: Mokulele Airlines]

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