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Delta's Newest Upgrade is Their Own Boarding Pass

February 13, 2012 at 9:05 AM | by | ()

Next time you check-in for your Delta flight there should be a surprise coming out of the airport kiosk, as Delta just gave their boarding passes a little bit of an extreme makeover. We’ve always kind of wondered why boarding passes haven’t gotten an upgrade for the 21st century—mobile options excluded—so it’s nice to see Delta putting a little attention to detail and design with their latest improvement.

They’re using much larger fonts to identify your departure and arrival cities through their airport codes, but they still list out the city pairs in smaller text below. All the usual information is still there of course—from seat assignment to departure gate. Delta is now including the boarding time on your pass to kind of encourage you to get ready to go...instead of perusing Hudson News up until the final few minutes, so just be aware that the time on your boarding pass might not be the actual departure time.

Delta is quick to point out that there’s a lot of white space on the new boarding document, but they promise that there’s stuff planned for all that room. Eventually they want to roll out connecting flight information into one super boarding pass, so that’s a plus. We just hope that they don’t utilize all that available boarding pass real estate for ads or other sales pitches.

[Photos: Pylon757 and Delta]

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